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Vivek Sharma

About, Vivek Sharma (Social Entrepreneur)

Vivek Sharma is recognized as a Founder, Author, Podcaster, Social Activist, and pioneering Social Entrepreneur of our time. He is an alumnus of IIM Calcutta with more than 11 years of experience in the Pharma & Healthcare Industry.

Founder – In 2017, Vivek founded Uhapo to serve cancer patients and caregivers in this shattering journey of cancer. Uhapo operates in Mumbai and is planning to expand all over India to extend a helping hand to people suffering from cancer. 

Author –He has written a book named “God is Not Fair?” to inspire people through real-life stories of six individuals who’ve hit the rock bottom in their lives but bounced back only to give back to society.

Non-Profit Initiatives – Vivek runs an NGO with his wife Sweta named “Mickey-Amogh Foundation”. The foundation was established with the intent of generating healthcare awareness, childcare, education, and women empowerment. Along with this initiative, he also initiated a non for profit movement – “Grow and Give” to donate wigs and prostheses to women with cancer. In 2016, Vivek and Sweta also started an online matrimonial site – “Divine Relations” for patients and survivors that encourages them to find a life partner who would understand them better than so-called normal people.

Podcaster – Vivek also runs two podcast channels – “God is Not Fair” which has gathered more than 1 million listeners and has impacted more than 700 lives by helping in preventing depression and suicide; and “Cancer ki Baat” which is a chat show where he talks about all the aspects of cancer with Dr. Minish Jain.

Vivek’s Belief 

He believes that every person regardless of where they come from has the right to receive healthcare access and care for improving their quality of life by preventing diseases with appropriate guidance and support. 

Vivek’s Vision – Uhapo

Giving back to the community has always been his purpose and with the help of an awesome team of oncologist specialists, caregivers, and cancer survivors he aims to reach thousands of cancer patients in Mumbai. At Uhapo, he also incorporates Psychological support, Cancer support groups, and Motivational Programs for cancer patients as a deep level of mental healing to cope with the changing environment.

Vivek’s Mission – Uhapo

Vivek’s simple idea has grown into a movement, impacting thousands of lives to date. In addition to that, he has created Uhapo Cancer Care Navigation Services which has established “Uhapo Seva Kendra” at various Mumbai locations for patients/caregivers to visit and talk with cancer care coaches. At Uhapo, he has also integrated with stakeholders who fund innovative creative solutions for creating change in society. He helped in building a community with care that values kindness by spreading hope for cancer. 

With the help of the Uhapo community, he also provides “Free of Charge” Navigation where the patients are guided with adequate information required that also helps in raising funds. Uhapo’s cancer care coaches are survivors that walk through your journey by providing support and care in every way possible. The first Cancer Seva Kandra has begun in Malad West, Mumbai, and is a growing community of cancer patients and survivors that provides awareness and education to patients and families.

Social Causes

Vivek Sharma at Uhapo supports social causes for awakening the masses. A patient suffering from a life-threatening illness faces several issues related to health, physical independence, relationships, and life choices that cause depression and grief. His healthcare network community at Uhapo provides necessary funding and help to patients via donations and volunteering.

Donation Your small monetary donations can help an individual or family acquire necessary expensive treatments such as chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and radiotherapy.

Volunteering You can also contribute by volunteering in our community to support our cause.

Spread the word Stop cancer by spreading the word. Support Uhapo at these social causes of helping hundreds and thousands of patients in Mumbai. You may also invite us to your housing society/ office/ college to talk about the prevention of cancer.

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