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We specialize in Cancer Care

Cancer is a complex disease that requires a multidimensional approach and intense training at the backend. We provide 360-degree support to cancer patients and caregivers for homecare, molecular diagnostics, and, emotional well-being through our well-qualified resources.

Experienced Nurses

We have Oncology trained nurses who come with vast experience in dealing with cancer patients.

Pain Physician

Unfortunately, not all cancers can be cured. We have trained Pain Physicians for cancer who make the lives of cancer patients easier in their last stages.

Molecular Diagnostics

With the advent of technologies, today, a lot of personalized treatment options are available for various cancers in different stages. We offer pre-negotiated rates for commonly used genomic tests such as BRCA, NGS, MEN1, IHC panels, etc.

Psycho Oncologists

When going gets tough, tough gets going. We have specialized psychologists who offer counseling to cancer patients and caregivers for their mental strength so that fighting cancer becomes easier.

Cancer Support Group

We learn from stories and there can’t be a better choice than learning from real-life stories. We have a large network of cancer support groups for specific diseases like Lung Cancer, Breast Cancer, Bladder Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Sarcomas, etc. We connect cancer patients to these groups where they learn from each other’s experiences.

Wigs & Prosthesis

Hair & Breasts mean a lot to every woman and losing them is like losing one’s identity. We provide natural wigs (at no cost from Mickey Amogh Foundation based on availability)  and a variety of breast prostheses at affordable price ranges depending on the need of our cancer patients.

We're not just a home health care service provider, we're a community for cancer patients and caregivers because Community is Stronger than Cancer.


We have a strong and growing network of cancer patients and survivors.


Our Mission is to discover creative solutions, collaborate with all stakeholders, and build a community that shares and cares.


We value kindness, openness in communication and support for each other.

Our Home Care Services
for Cancer patients, Caregivers and Suvivors

Cancer is not only a life-threatening illness but also a physically and emotionally exhausting illness for patients and their family members. The cancer treatment may require several chemotherapy sessions, multiple hospital visits for clinical interventions, various tests, and follow-up sessions with the oncologist. Sometimes all of this can cause the patient to develop a resistance to the overall treatment procedure. Even family members start experiencing anxiety due to their loss of control over situations like these. Caring for the patient, making frequent hospital visits, coordinating with different clinical and health care services – all of this takes a toll on the family members. In times like these, ‘Home Care’ can bring much-needed relief to the patients, as well as to their caregivers and families. 

So, what exactly is Home Care?

Home care consists of various health and personal care services that are given at a patient’s house by trained professionals. It primarily includes nursing assistance as well as treatment from palliative care specialists at the doorstep. 

When to choose Home Care?

Many cancer patients often want to be around their loved ones in the comfort of their own homes as they go through long and painful treatment processes. The familiar setting of their homes and being around family members often provide them with much-needed emotional support. A person can opt for home care whenever they want to. They can choose home care if they’re being treated for cancer, recovering from surgery or from an extended hospital stay, or if they’re in a terminal stage of their disease. 

What are the benefits of Home Care Services?

In the current age, the need for home care is increasing because of the increasing number of working individuals in families and the lack of time to pay attention to patients in the families despite the desire to do so. Home care services provide the best supportive care to patients and their families at home so that their quality of life can be made better. 

Where can you find the best Home Care Services for cancer patients in Mumbai?

Uhapo is the perfect choice for you! Our well-qualified and registered nurses provide specialized health care assistance and care to cancer patients at home so that they can stay at home surrounded by their families and recover faster. 

What types of professionals provide Home Care?

  • Registered Nurse: A registered nurse can be hired to provide medical care, like changing bandages, administering medications, and monitoring the health of the patient.
  • Certified nursing assistants: They help the patients with daily tasks, such as bathing, dressing, help using the toilet, and moving around the house. Sometimes they can also be trained to provide medical care like wound care or administering medications. 
  • Attendant: Attendants help in driving patients to and from the hospitals. They take patients for their regular check-ups, follow-up visits, and tests. Sometimes they also help with personal care of the patients, such as bathing and dressing. 
  • Volunteer/Social Worker: They can talk to the patients and give them emotional support. Volunteers can help the patients and their families with the paperwork, or drive patients to their appointments. The social workers can also help you in finding a support group or community where patients can talk and share their journey with other cancer patients. For people with complex needs, social workers try to find sources of help in the community. 

What are the home care services for cancer patients that Uhapo provides?

  • Home Health Nurse: They set up a care plan along with the doctors. Services offered by the nurse may include wound care, giving IVs, giving and monitoring medications, and watching out for and managing any side effects. If supportive care is included in the care plan, the nurse will help in managing pain and other symptoms, as well as provide emotional support and teach self-care to the patients to help make them a bit more independent and give some sort of control over their illness. 
  • Physio-therapy: A physical therapist or physiotherapist will teach exercises to the patients to help them strengthen or help them regain the use of impaired or weakened muscles. They even work with the patients to improve the motion of their joints and teach them how to use any equipment that the patient might need for daily activities. 
  • Speech therapy: If cancer or treatment has changed or impaired the patient’s speech, a speech therapist can help them communicate by teaching them special techniques and helping the patients to practice them. They may also help if the patient has difficulty swallowing. 

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Lost your hair or breast? Get wigs and prosthesis support

Cancer patients & survivors, nowadays there are organizations like Mickey Amogh Foundation that help women regain their self-confidence by providing them a WIG.


Matrimonial service for patients

Divine Relations is a platform developed to help patients and survivors with critical diseases get connected to the people who are looking for a life partner.


Get the support from Government & NGOs

We have listed more than 25,000 NGOs across India that are helping patients in need. Get in touch with us to know who you need to get connected with to get the help.

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