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How much is a persons speech affected due to partial removal of the tongue ?

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The extent to which a person's speech is affected by the partial removal of the tongue can vary depending on several factors, including the specific location and amount of the tongue that has been removed, the individual's overall oral and vocal anatomy, and their ability to adapt and rehabilitate after the surgery.

The tongue plays a crucial role in articulating speech sounds by controlling the flow of air and shaping the oral cavity. When a portion of the tongue is removed, it can impact a person's ability to produce certain speech sounds and can lead to changes in speech intelligibility.

The following are some potential effects of partial tongue removal on speech:

1. Articulation difficulties: Depending on the location of the removed tissue, individuals may have difficulty articulating specific sounds, particularly those that involve the movement and positioning of the tongue. Sounds like "t," "d," "l," "n," and "s" may be particularly affected.

2. Reduced tongue mobility: Tongue movements may be restricted, making it harder to achieve the precise tongue configurations necessary for clear speech.

3. Compensatory strategies: People who have had partial tongue removal may develop compensatory strategies to improve their speech. These may involve using the remaining tongue tissue and lips to compensate for lost tongue function.

4. Speech therapy: Speech therapy is often recommended for individuals who have had tongue surgery to help them improve their speech and adapt to the changes. Speech therapists can work with individuals to develop new articulatory strategies and improve speech clarity.

5. Individual variability: The impact on speech can vary greatly from person to person. Some individuals may experience only mild speech difficulties, while others may face more significant challenges. The effectiveness of speech rehabilitation and the ability to adapt to changes can also vary widely.

It's important to note that medical advancements, surgical techniques, and rehabilitation strategies have improved over the years, and healthcare professionals aim to minimize the impact on speech and overall quality of life for individuals who have had partial tongue removal. If you or someone you know is facing this situation, it's essential to work closely with a medical team, including speech therapists, to address any speech and communication challenges.


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